Big Lots in Paute

Organic Farm Lots in a country community with beautiful views and great climate all year.

county farming lots

Only 5 farming/house lots remaining for sale. Buying a lot can quality you and the whole family for immigration into Ecuador! Prices start at only $30,500 to buy into this international community.

Very rural, scenic and tranquil, with a very nice year round spring like climate in the high Andes mountains.

A stream runs through the center of the lands, with a large reservoir and many ponds and irrigation water available. Our stream source is from a 14,000 foot mountain.

Electric power to the project. Good cell signal for phone and data (internet/Skype).

At 7,500 feet we are on the edge of the banana belt, but apples and peaches grow well along with citrus. It is mostly a dairy growing region.

We have very strong seismic building designs for earthquake proof housing.

We also have starter greenhouses with aquaponics systems for year round self sufficient growing of clean organic (GMO free) produce and fish.

This community is very interested and working toward being self sufficient and off the grid!

30 mins drive to the town of Paute, 1 hour to the city of Cuenca, number 1 favorite international retirement city!